Loose Ends Need Tying

Two weeks today until the end of an era of my adult life acquires a punctuation mark. That era is still untitled to this day, but it's the one that encapsulates my foray into adulthood, developing a passion, creating a career for myself, and coming to terms with imperfection. 

In my remaining two weeks in Philadelphia, my 4-year Philaversary will pass as well. I'll celebrate in my own way, and it will rock. I've been trying to find a profound way to end this journey, but I've been struggling with that. How do you sum up 4 years of your life into one moment? I've got a few loose ends that need tying. Maybe one of those will suffice? 

As much as I'd like to do something so extreme that will cement my place here, I feel that if one tries so hard to do something to only be remembered for, then how will you actually enjoy the experience of it? 

I mentioned tying up loose ends. Those are pretty simple at this point now. I've had some time to sort out a lot of baggage, emotions, logistics, and people this summer. With that sorting taken care of, it leaves only a few things to be tended to:

1. Packing: Packing is a bitch. Finding a way to compact your entire life and belongings into whatever luggage you have is a torture I wish on no person. If I can find a way to fit all of my stuff into one giant suitcase and a backpack, then you can probably cure cancer. Heck, you might even be able to pack as well. 

2. $$Money$$: This is one that I actually have mostly figured out for the time being. I brought this topic up as it's usually a stressor for many people, but it's actually not the most stressful part of changing your life most times. Being a freelancer, I've figured ways to work, get paid, and be frugal in times in which are usually fairly stressful. I'm fortunate that God has granted the world with Wi-Fi, laptops, Skype, and cloud storage. 

3. Friends: Ah the goodbyes. Those can be rough too, but if you approach them honestly, vulnerably, and with no fear, then those tears shed will be way worth it. I'm not going to lie. I've been distancing myself from my peers since I decided to leave. Most in subtle ways, and others a bit more forceful. People are complex creatures. They will fuck with your emotions. However, they will also get you through the worst parts of yourself. Surround yourself with some good ones, but don't waist time or over emotional efforts on those who don't reciprocate. 

These are just a few of the loose-ends I'm trying to tie up now. I'm looking forward to have more travel focused pieces in the coming weeks, but in the meantime it's all about bringing closure on this chapter of my life. For once, I finally feel in control of that, and I couldn't be happier. 

C'est la vie mes amis. Bonne chance.


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