Le Premiere Jour: L'aventure commence

Le Premiere Jour: L'aventure commence

Le Premiere Jour

6:45am - 10:20am: Woke up, showered, ate breakfast, and finished up some last minute work for a new client before I peaced out of the country. Grabbed some coffee and quality bonding time with my dad at the local Starbucks to play some catch up. Completed one last pass on the luggage before we headed off to the airport. 

11:00am: Arrived at the airport, and my bag came under weight of 50lbs. Hot dawg was I happy. Those airlines will rob you in broad daylight if your luggage goes over by 2lbs. Promise me. I know. Said good bye to the parentals, and mom cried as usual. It's all good though. It's better be to be loved with tears than not to be loved at all. 

12:13pm: Plane jets off to NYC for my international departure out of JFK. Watched 75% of the movie Why Him, starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston, and of course looked out of the window and contemplated my life like you see in cheesy pop and R&B music videos. 

2:15pm - 5:45pm: Queue crash course in learning how JFK airport works, realizing no one gives a shit there, and that the American Airlines workers were trying to tell me I needed a visa to get into France. I won that battle. Thanks Google. I take pride in one last victory on American soil. I get through security, and chill out at a bar outside my gate for one last beer in the U.S.

6:15pm: Needed coffee. Made the shitty decision to buy Dunkin' Donuts because I couldn't find a Starbucks anywhere in the airport. I drank 5 sips of said coffee, and threw that rubbish out. No one should be privy to drinking petrol at an airport or ever. 

7:05pm(EST) - 6:15am(Dublin Time): Boarded up, and jetting off to Dublin for the first leg of my travels to Paris. The flight was only 6 hours. I went through the motions of my usual flight routine: Procure window seat, try to get comfy, don't talk to strangers, drink coffee/OJ/water, eat airplane meals(first time with these delicacies), listen to in-flight movie playing, journal, sudoku, violently jerk back and forth trying not to sleep, then eventually giving in to the nod and sleep for roughly an hour. Also, I read this sentimental letter my mom wrote for me. It made me cry on the inside because I can't cry on the outside. I'll work on it. 

6:15am(DUB) - 8:35am: Land in Dublin, re-check in for next flight, made friends with a kind, older gentleman who told me that the other language on the airport signs was Gaelic. Got through security barely. Since I'm traveling with quite a few harddrives, there are plenty of wires which seemed suspicious. Got some coffee at this chocolate breakfast shop. Cool concept, and I got a free chocolate with my croissant and coffee. I also was privy to discovering the transfer rate of the Euro. The Euro wins. So did I because coffee. Got on my next flight headed for Southhamption in the UK. 

8:35am - 1pm: I had my first beer in Europe, Boddington's, and I cannot complain one bit about having a beer at 9am in the morning. Currently battling jetlag like no other, as I power through the time until my delayed flight to Paris is ready to go. 

I've also just had a moment. That moment is when you're sipping an americano in a quaint British airport, and realizing "Hey. This life freaking rocks man. I'm chasing this badass dream, and couldn't be happier. I made the right decision in choosing me. Choose you always.

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8 Days L8r

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